Respect others at all times.

Competition creates lots of emotions—from the elation of victory to the frustration of defeat. We support our competitors and acknowledge there are no wrong ways to feel—there are, however, wrong ways to share those feelings. Whether online or in a Metro facility the following are completely off-limits:

  • Violent or threatening language
  • Profanity or vulgarity
  • Hate speech
  • Sexual language
  • Any form of communication meant to attack or hurt feelings

Foster a sense of community.

While competition pits us against others in a test of skill, it has the tremendous potential to bring us together. It is our heart and purpose to guide competitors and students to support one another lovingly. Both online and in person, we strive at all times to:

  • Support one another
  • Offer help when it’s needed or sought after
  • Find common ground with teammates AND opponents
  • Work towards an environment of growth and learning

Follow the rules.

Rules offer clear boundaries and guidelines that allow competition to take place in a fair and measured way. From rules in individual games to tournament guidelines, Metro Esports is committed to providing competitors and students a fair and safe environment to show off their skills and grow. With this in mind, we take the following extremely seriously:

  • No cheating or hacking of any kind
  • No sharing of private or account-specific information


While we seek to provide safe space and a loving environment, it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made and our competitors and students will be imperfect. Our heart is always to try and create teachable moments—not punishments. That being said, Metro Esports reserves the right to take the following actions as needed to provide the best support and environment for everyone involved:

  • Warnings
  • Player suspension from a match
  • Player suspension from a tournament or league
  • Team disqualification
  • Email/phone/meeting with parents or guardians
  • Temporary or permanent ban from competing or attending